I’m Just Not in Love with You

I’M JUST NOT IN LOVE WITH YOU is a postcard suite that faces the hard truths of heartbreak. It features 7 postcards with polymer plate images of crying faces letterpress printed on the front, and handset letterpress printed type, often in conversation, on the back. The postcards measure 4×6″. They are also available sans type and in various colors.

In Loving Memory

IN LOVING MEMORY is a broadside suite that explores Elisabeth Kubler Ross’s five stages of grieving from a very specific point of view. Each of the five broadsides features polymer plate images and handset letterpress printed type. They measure 11×19″

Lies are Allowed Here

LIES ARE ALLOWED HERE tells the story of a divorce from two sides. Each story is told in its own typeface and color. Accompanying the narrative are 9 linoleum block cuts. The book features a soft cover and

pamphlet stitch binding.


Boop is an exploration of desire, grieving, and intimacy. Its 24 pages feature handset, letterpress printed type, 9 letterpress printed images derived from polymer plates, a soft cover, and pamphlet stitch binding.