Wire Grief Girls

Sad Thrills
Installation and prints by Sofia Mena-Bell
2018 Mills College Book Art & Creative Writing MFA Exhibition

Novelist Ursula K. Le Guin writes of suffering, “if instead of fearing it and running from it, one could…get through it, go beyond it. I believe that the reality — the truth that I recognize in suffering as I don’t in comfort and happiness — that the reality of pain is not pain. If you can get through it. If you can endure it all the way.”

Sad Thrills delves into the dreaming of suffering, the imagination of grieving. What does it look like when one tries to get through it? What becomes if one can endure it all the way? With sad toys, soft gestures, hard truths, and a little bit of Christmas, Sofia Mena-Bell attempts to reveal the pathway to the something beyond suffering.


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